Glass Fusion​

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Sampling of Work

Welcome!  Some of my glass is blown, some fused and some a combination of failures, just opportunities!

Irridescent Panel

Shimmery pieces of irridescent glass fused multiple times to provide texture and capture light

12" x 20"

Bay Blue

Bowl blown with soft blue hues

Approximately 11" diameter

Ripple Effect

Ripples of blue tones fused on white glass, framed on alumimum. ,,,,,everything we do in life has a ripple effect

21" x 17"

Mill Pond

Several blown pieces fused into a magical world of colour and movement.

Approximately 14" diameter

Stringer Bowl

Playful blown bowl created by rolling up multiple coloured flameworked pieces on white finished with a bright blue rim

Approximately 16" diameter

Pen Holders

And not just for pens!  Use your imagine......lovely gift for anyone.

All are unique in colour and form

Stringer Plate

Sploshes of flamerworked glass fused on white.  White is deliberately bubbled to create illusion of an artist's canvas.

14" square

Sushi 4 2

And not just for Sushi!  Set includes:

one 10" x 6" serving platter,  two 6" x 6" plates, two 3" x 2" wasabi dishes.

Big Blue

Big on blue, several blown pieces fused over days to provide hues of blue.

Approximately 14" diameter